Gearharts receive 2017 Snavely Award

Carol and Brent Gearhart are both great examples of dedicated volunteers to Forsyth Audubon.  Brent is a master at finding their resident Eastern Screech Owl at C.G. Hill Memorial Park.  He is always ready to help out with a bird count rain or shine.  Carol was on the board and became the president of Forsyth Audubon from 2014 - 2015.  During this time she helped ensure our chapter remained financially sound while creating and following through with new projects.  The board still relies on Carol's expertise with successful grant writing, fundraising, and event planning.  Even though Carol and Brent haven't been active with Forsyth Audubon for decades like other Snavely recipients, their tireless work is appreciated and we are truly grateful for their dedication to Forsyth Audubon. 
-Nathan Gatto

Audubon Garden-Bethania

Eight years ago Forsyth Audubon members Shelley Rutkin, Susan Andrews, Lisa Gould and Lois Schneider worked with the town of Bethania to install a Bird Friendly Native Plant Garden at the Bethania Visitor Center.  Since then, through their efforts, the garden has thrived and been enjoyed by all. At this time we are pleased to announce that Michelle Williams, Historic Landscape Coordinator for the Town of Bethania, will be taking over leadership for the care of the garden.  She invites Forsyth Audubon members and others to continue their involvement through work days to be scheduled the third Tuesday of each month between 9 and 11 a.m. Congratulations to all involved for a successful conservation project and thank you for all of your hard work. 

Forsyth Creek Week Grant

Forsyth Audubon received a grant from Forsyth Creek Week for an interpretive sign to educate the public about the value of a rain garden/wetland that benefits birds and other wildlife.  Declining habitat, especially in our urban setting, and climate change threaten many of our bird species. We want to do what we can to sustain what valuable habitat we have, and to encourage residents to create or enhance habitat in their own yards and neighborhoods.  We believe what helps birds, helps people. Through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County, Forsyth Audubon is helping to revitalize on e of our own urban neighborhoods for people and birds.


Habitat Awards Forsyth Audubon Members!


Forsyth Audubon volunteers, including Don Lendle, were honored at the Habitat annual awards ceremony. Their many hours spent installing Bird Friendly native plants at the Habitat campus and homes were greatly appreciated.
Special thanks to Kim Brand for initiating our partnership with Habitat Forsyth County.
Our work will continue as we partner with Forest Evening Garden Club to bring more landscape beauty and Bird Friendly Yards to Habitat.

Habitat for Humanity and Audubon

Forsyth Audubon continues to be active in this partnership planting Native Plants at the campus and individual homes, offering educational events regarding birds and conservation, installing bird houses, and leading discussions regarding solar energy for Habitat homes.  The rain garden and wetland project  has been a success with the vast majority of plants surviving and thriving through this hot summer.  Plant adjustments will be made this fall as we see the need.  It is functioning as expected to hold storm water and filter it before entering a stream.

All involved have been quite pleased including our bird, butterfly, and pollinator friends.  Another planting is scheduled in October ,exact date pending. We are looking into building a chimney swift tower on the campus, and will expand our educational efforts in the neighborhood.  Plan to join in with your fellow members in these activities. Contact Don Lendle for information or to offer suggestions.

Bird Friendly-Planting Day

Our recent planting day at Habitat Forsyth was truly a community partnership, with volunteers from Wells Fargo, Habitat Forsyth, Audubon North Carolina, and Forsyth Audubon. This video shows how rewarding these partnerships can be, and the importance of of bird-friendly gardening.Check out the video

Become an Audubon Ambassador on Climate Change!

Audubon North Carolina is looking for Ambassadors on Climate Change. Can you volunteer five hours a month for the benefit of our birds, other wildlife and people? There are a host of things you can do, and you probably already do some of them: take part in Christmas Bird Counts, add bird-friendly native to your garden, talk to your neighbors about birds and climate change, write legislators about it. Look for a future Audubon Ambassador workshop soon to learn more about the issue and how you can help. 

To read a summary of the National Audubon Society's report on "Birds and Climate Change," visit

Order "Birding Guide to Forsyth County"!

The fifth edition of "Birding Guide to Forsyth County," by David Disher, is now available. David's book, in a handy 6 x 9 paperback format, compiles documented observations for 280 bird species in Forsyth County. Learn what birds can be seen here and during which weeks of the year you are most likely to see them. Photos of uncommon sightings are included. Information on local birding spots also is included. For $15, this is a great gift for your favorite birder. All profits go to our chapter. Copies are available at Wright's Backyard Birding Center, 3906 Country Club Rd., Winston-Salem, and at Wild Birds Unlimited, 1589 Skeet Club Rd, High Point, or send email to Howard Coston. Copies also are available for sale at our monthly chapter meetings. If you have a smart phone or tablet, download the electronic version available for $4.99 from

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We now have a photo page. Current albums include our Bethania work days, recent field trips, noteworthy sightings, and more.

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Photos: Chestnut-Sided Warbler, Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Prothonotary Warbler. © David Disher.



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